Tom Rectenwald Construction 

Tom Rectenwald Construction, Inc. is a national general contractor specializing in the industry of retail construction. We are capable of being used in many different processes of construction. Whether it is bid work, cost plus, or, turnkey we have the ability to effectively deliver quality on time projects under budget.Handing over a construction project to a new general contractor can be very stressful. There are numerous factors that play a role in awarding a contract, and Tom Rectenwald Construction understands this. That is why we treat every project with the personal attention it deserves. We understand that our clients need to feel confident that they have made the right decision. We believe that our track record shows that our clients should feel confident that their project is going to get the attention it deserves. We encourage our prospective clients to check our references and check our work because we feel strongly that they will see why so many other retailers have trusted us with their projects.

 The Rectenwald Construction Process 

As soon as we get a project we go to work. We know that in the retail world every second counts, and that is why there is no waiting around. Drawings are logged and the Landlord is contacted on the 1st day. Then all bidders are contacted and sent drawings within one week. The subcontractors are given one week to complete bidding while Tom Rectenwald Construction is verifying field conditions and Landlord/City Requirements. Then the bids are received, qualified, and submitted to our clients. We ensure that the cost sent to you is the best possible value for your dollar without unnecessary change orders. Once the project is awarded we immediately let out the trades, and contact the mall to set up our preconstruction meeting. We start on time and finish on time and get the client the necessary paperwork needed to closeout the job within 45 days or less if possible. We strive to make this our standard procedure and have found this to be the most efficient process of construction.